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Retail Reworks was founded on the mission to correct quality issues for retailers in the United States.

Our corporate headquarters are in Houston, Texas where we had been refurbishing all kinds of consumer products for years when retail brands started approaching us with their inspection and rework projects.  We were happy to help and quickly found our niche in this industry by providing budget-friendly rework services to importers of apparel, footwear, accessories, bedding, appliances, electronics and more!

We have grown to offer customized solutions from logistics and warehousing to reworks and returns processing to meet your specific needs.  Our staff of flexible, quality-control minded associates is what sets us apart in the industry.  Our team is trained in everything from warehousing and distribution, to refurbishment and quality control so that we can provide your company the best service no matter your needs.

Quality of work is the #1 issue when considering a rework services provider.

Retail Reworks draws on over 50 years of experience in restoring garments, textiles, shoes, accessories and electronics to first quality.  All our projects receive our full attention and we tailor our processes to meet your specific guidelines in receiving, working and returning shipments.

Price is a major issue when considering rework versus returning the shipment to the manufacturer.  Our experience in restoring products for over 50 years has allowed us to prime our staff and operations to be ready to handle any sized project at the lowest possible cost.  Give us a call today to hear how we can provide great results while preserving your bottom line.

Turn times are another important consideration when choosing to have your product repaired or inspected.  Retail Reworks clearly communicates lead times up front and stands by them.  We have facilities across the United States to reduce transit times and cost.  If our facilities aren’t close enough to you, WE WILL COME TO YOU!  We have traveling teams of quality control associates who can perform inspections and repairs at your facility.

Press Mentions

Retail Reworks Talks Returns, Repairs and Recouping Lost Revenue

The complexity of today’s supply chain unfortunately makes it highly susceptible to day-to-day operational headaches for retailers and brands alike.

Retail Reworks is a proud member of NARD which is an organization of skilled fabric care specialists dedicated to the restoration of garments, textiles and soft goods.

This allows Retail Reworks to offer laundering and custom cleaning solutions throughout the entire United States.

Inspections & Corrections

Bring your product back to salable condition with our on-demand, full-circular services, all under one roof. From garment manufacturing to QC
inspections, and laundering to alterations, you can outsource to scale your business while extending your product lifecycle, reducing waste, and maintaining your brand reputation.

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