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Edward Hertzman

Edward Hertzman received a degree in economics from NYU and spent more than a decade working as a top executive for major sourcing companies all over the world, including Synergies Worldwide and Pearl Global. Hertzman sits on the Board for Delivering Good, a charitable organization that channels the resources of the fashion industry to those in need.

In 2009, in response to a need in the industry, he founded Sourcing Journal Online. With more than 75,000 subscribers, Sourcing Journal Online is the largest trade journal devoted to the sourcing apparel and textile industry supply chain in the world. In August 2020, he was promoted to executive vice president of Fairchild Media, tasked with growing the businesses of all Fairchild Media titles in his new position, while continuing to lead the day-to-day operations at Sourcing Journal. He will also oversee the growth of Fairchild Media’s strategic content studio, bolstering the creation of engaging, interactive content to help industry partners stand out in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Greg Scheinman

Greg Scheinman has over 20
years’ experience as an advisor,
entrepreneur, executive and

He is a partner at Insgroup, inc.
and was named 2020 Power Broker by Risk & Insurance Magazine.

Greg is actively involved in designing, managing and placing insurance
programs for mid to large companies, primarily in the CPG, DTC,
Hospitality, Health & Fitness and experiential retail industries.

As an entrepreneur Michael Eisner acquired Greg’s startup, Team Baby
Entertainment in 2007 and Greg is also the founder of Row Studios, a
brand of indoor rowing gyms. Baldwin Risk Partners (NASDAQ: BRP)
acquired Greg’s firm Insgroup in December 2020.

Greg is the creator of The Midlife Male; a weekly newsletter & podcast
designed to help men navigate middle age to achieve a better quality of life.
It reaches more than 11,000 men per week and has featured CEO’s of top
brands, Super Bowl Champions, Olympic Gold medalists, entrepreneurs,
celebrities and high performers.

Greg is a board member of The D10 Decathlon, Advisor at The Capital
Factory in Austin, investor in Huron, Mascot Books/Amplify Publishing and
Dish Society and an ambassador for Ten Thousand Gear, Athletic Greens
and Strong Coffee Co.

He holds a BA in Communications from The University of Michigan. Greg is
regarded as a top national executive athlete competing annually in The
D10 Decathlon where he won the 2016 Individual Executive Championship
and as a member of the 2017 Overall Team Championship winner.

He is married to his wife Kate for 20 years and has two sons, Auden &
Harper and two dogs, Riley & Roxy.

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