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Retail Reworks offers the best solutions for your customer returns by saving your team time money and product.

We have customized solutions for brands and retailers of any size to effectively accept, inspect, repair, and repackage returns in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Our Returns Revenue Recapture Rate is what sets Retail Reworks apart from other customer returns solutions providers. Our experienced staff guarantees more product returned to first quality and less ending up as waste in landfills.

How will outsourcing my customer returns save me money?

An estimated $350 billion is spent annually processing customer returns. Partnering with Retail Reworks boosts your operations with an experienced staff of returns experts with streamlined processes that bring more returns to first quality all while saving you time and money.

Why should I outsource my customer returns?

52% of distribution center managers say they don’t have the ability or resources to determine how they should manage customer returns.  An additional 44% consider customer returns a “pain point” in their operations. 

How will outsourcing my customer returns save me money?

An estimated $350 billion is spent annually processing customer returns.  Partnering with an expert like Retail Reworks allows you the flexibility to employ a staff of dedicated professionals who have streamlined processes in place to efficiently process customer returns and increasing the number of products returned to inventory.

What does Retail Reworks’ customer return process include?

Quite simply, whatever you need.  The initial inspection, repair, repack is the only the beginning of what we offer our customers.  We tailor our operations to be flexible and customizable to your exact needs.  If product needs laundered, spot cleaned or sanitized, Retail Reworks can perform these corrections in-house.  We can also replace missing labels, tickets or tags. 

How do we get our returns to Retail Reworks?

We are set up to accept returns directly from your customers or you can ship by the carton or trailer-load from your distribution centers or retail locations.

What products does Retail Reworks offer returns processing services on?

Simply put, pretty much all consumer merchandise ranging from apparel, footwear, accessories to electronics, appliances and more. 

Can Retail Reworks handle the transportation of picking up and returning my returns?

Yes, let us know where your product is located, and we will handle the shipping.

Inspections & Corrections

Bring your product back to salable condition with our on-demand, full-circular services, all under one roof. From garment manufacturing to QC
inspections, and laundering to alterations, you can outsource to scale your business while extending your product lifecycle, reducing waste, and maintaining your brand reputation.

This all sounds great! How do we get started?

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