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Brian Adams


Retail Reworks is owned and operated by Brian Adams, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for getting things done.

In his nearly two decades as an executive in both the garment and refurbishment industries, Brian has successfully launched a pick-up and delivery laundry service, a T-shirt printing business, and a garment and electronics restoration business (growing the latter from zero sales and one employee, to millions in sales and more than 100 employees).

Brian’s success has helped him earn a coveted spot on Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30, the US Leaders and Entrepreneurs 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award, and a slot on The Inc 500 (an annually published list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States) four years in a row.

Brian launched Retail Reworks out of a passion for repairing and restoring damaged products to a sellable standard. Today, RR helps countless clients in the garment and apparel industries correct flaws in their products, and deal with the technical difficulties of modern-day logistics.

Brenda Rojas


The COO of Retail Reworks and Brian’s right hand, Brenda Rojas is a self-proclaimed “executer” who helps idea-rich entrepreneurs (like Brian) transform their aspirations into realities.

In running Retail Reworks, Brenda places an emphasis on two things:

Quality of service and quality of communication.

It is her belief that Retail Reworks should be unsurpassed in its delivery of finished product, and unsurpassed in its delivery of clear, communication-rich customer service.

That unshakable belief is why RR customers never receive products with missing buttons, broken zippers, unsightly stains, or unpleasant smells.

It is why when customers partner with RR, they partner with complete confidence.

They know Brenda is holding her company to a standard that goes above and beyond what’s normally found in the retail correction industry.

Mike Kitko

Business Development and Marketing,

Working in business development and marketing, Mike introduces Retail Reworks and our services to retailers across the United States.  Mike is available always via phone or email to guide you through the process of working with Retail Reworks.  Mike’s goal is for clients across the United States to use Retail Reworks for their inspection, rework, warehousing and labor outsourcing needs.

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