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We Are The Complete Returns Solution For All Retailers, Re-Commerce Platforms, And 3PLs.

what we do

We Provide The 360-Degree Solution For All Returns And Reverse Logistics Needs, Including Product End-Of-Life And Recycling That Keeps Items Out Of Landfills.

Why Us

You shouldn’t have to adopt a one-size-fits-all returns, reverse logistics, and product end-of-life process. We give you customizable solutions—for any scenario—that fit your company’s requirements and help you grow.

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Brian Adams, CEO Founder

Our Story

Retail Reworks was founded to give brands and retailers a “go to” for expertise in providing solutions to bring efficiency to today’s supply chain.

A big part of our mission here is to reduce what brands and retailers are sending to the landfill and we do that in a variety of ways from reworking out-of-spec or defective merchandise to first quality as well as end-to-end customer returns solutions.  Most of our customers look to software to ease their path to full circularity.  We fit in with the facilities and staff to handle the day-to-day operations that drive profitability for brands and retailers.

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Units Brought Back to First Quality Through Our Complete Returns Solutions
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Units that Were Destined
for Landfill were Reworked
to First Quality
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Our Divisions

our on-demand, full-circular services, all under one roof. From garment manufacturing to QC
inspections, and laundering to alterations, you can outsource to scale your business while extending your product lifecycle, reducing waste, and maintaining your brand reputation.

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