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Brian Adams Ceo

Brian Adams

With 20 years of restoration cleaning experience, Adams recognized a void in the retail returns industry and co-founded Retail Reworks to help apparel clients correct product flaws and overcome logistics challenges and facility management issues. Brian has earned  a coveted spot on Inc Magazine’s 30 under 30, as well as being awarded the US Leaders and Entrepreneurs 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award.


Brenda Rojas

Brian’s right hand, Brenda is an “executer” who helps idea-rich entrepreneurs transform their aspirations into realities. She ensures that Retail Reworks earns our clients’ complete confidence through clear communication, finished product delivery, and rich customer service experiences.

Mike Kitko Co-founder

Mike Kitko

Mike oversees sales and go-to-market, which has been instrumental in Retail Reworks’ remarkable growth. He partners with our customers, learns their pain points and desired outcomes, and offers solutions that exceed their expectations to save time, money, and product. 

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