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Retail reworks understands the journey to perfection is often complex in the apparel industry

Mislabeled sizes, splitting soles, scuff marks and staining are just a few of the all-too-common problems that Retail Reworks is asked to correct daily.  When you send your footwear to our facility, you can rest easy knowing your shoes are going to look great no matter whose feet they end up on.

Retail Reworks Apparel
100% Quality Inspections

Quality inspections are essential in identifying defects such as spots, stains, open seams, loose threads, etc.  Whether major or minor, it’s in your best interest to know of all issues found in the inspection process.  Retail Reworks will provide a custom solution to all defects found in the inspection process and clearly communicate an action plan to correct these issues including cost and turn time.  Our inspection services are tailored to meet your needs.  We sort first quality from seconds and provide you with the results along the way.

SPEC Measurements

Inseam, neck and sleeve length are just a few of the critical points of measurement that affect apparel importers.  These key points of measurement must be exact and uniform through your entire product line to ensure that customers will be happy with your merchandise.  We can tailor an inspection service to your critical points of measurement.  We can also perform any alterations or size changes needed to return your product to first quality.  To hear more about our apparel inspection services, contact us today!

Laundering Services

It doesn’t matter how perfect a garment is when it leaves the pressing and cutting machines, if something happens to your apparel in transit, it can be a total disaster!  That’s why Retail Reworks offers end-to-end garment cleaning services including laundering, spot cleaning, dry cleaning, steaming and pressing. To hear more about our apparel cleaning services, contact us today!

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Ozone Treatment for Odor Removal

In addition to cleaning and restoring the visual appearance of your garments, we also offer ozone treatment to remove any unpleasant odors embedded in your apparel that might come from mold, mildew, dyes, transit conditions and smoke.  Ozone uses active oxygen to sterilize garments and remove odors leaving behind only oxygen.  We are happy to run samples through our ozone process to show you the finished product.

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Labeling, Relabeling and Tag-less Labels

Like it or not, your labels say a lot, and if they’re broadcasting the wrong message- product size, product name and/or content care instructions, it’s going to annoy your customers.  Relabeling services, including tag-less or heat transfer labels are one of the core provisions of Retail Reworks.  We can print, repair or replace ANY label on your garment.   From standard loop labels to Damask and tag-less labels, we offer repair and replacement services in even the tightest operational deadlines.  To see how quickly, we can turn your labeling/relabeling project, call us today!

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Sewing Repairs & Services

When buttons pop off, zippers don’t work and seams split long before your customer has even worn your apparel, you have a major problem!  Fortunately, those are the kinds of problems that we solve at Retail Correction Services.  Our experienced and talented team offers both hand-sewing and machine sewing services to correct every thread-related issue with expertise and efficiency.

  • Seam Repairs
  • Button Replacement
  • Hem Adjustment
  • Button Alignment
  • Zipper Repairs

Please give us a call to discuss our sewing abilities and how we can tailor our sewing services to correct any quality issues that you might be facing.

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Ticketing, Tagging, Bagging & Repackaging

Retail Reworks performs all measures to have your merchandise properly labeled and packaged before leaving our facility.  We can replace or add ticketing to merchandise.  We are also experienced in rebranding of your merchandise.  Sometimes the packaging that your product is displayed in can get damaged in transit or storage.  We will work with you to ensure that your product’s packaging and labels are ready to be accepted and processed at your distribution center.  Call us today to hear about all of the services that we offer.

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Mold and Mildew Cleaning

Mold is a major issue for importers of apparel. Retail Reworks has over 50 years of experience in remediating mold on all kinds of apparel and fashion accessories. Our goal is to clean and sanitize your apparel shipment quickly and efficiently using a variety of treatments proven to be 100% effective. Our mold remediation process is the most cost-effective solution in the industry!

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Destruction Services

Sometimes a product line can’t be saved.
Retail Reworks provides fully documented destruction
services. We will find the most cost-effective solution
to make your apparel unwearable and unrepairable before disposing of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Destruction Services Retail ReWorks

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