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Mislabeled sizes, splitting soles, scuff marks and staining are just a few of the all-too-common problems that Retail Reworks is asked to correct daily.  When you send your footwear to our facility, you can rest easy knowing your shoes are going to look great no matter whose feet they end up on.

Visual Inspections & Sorting

Retail Reworks provides inspection and sorting services to the footwear industry.  Our experienced staff will perform 100% inspections and call out any defects found.  We will clearly communicate the results of your inspection project as well as any fixes that we might have to return your footwear to first quality.  We can also sort first quality from B grade and defects.


Mold & Mildew Cleaning

Mold is a major issue for importers of footwear.  Retail Reworks has over 50 years of experience in remediating mold from footwear and many other products.  Our goal is to clean and sanitize your footwear shipment quickly and efficiently.  We can sanitize the packaging of your footwear to ensure the entire project is ready for the sales floor.

Label Replacements

Retail Reworks offers hand-sewing services to make label changes on footwear easy on you!  Sometimes sizing information can be inaccurate and in need of changing before the product goes to market.  Cut out costly delays by calling Retail Reworks.

Customized Footwear Cleaning Solutions

Scuff marks and staining are all too common problems with footwear retailers in the United States.  If you find yourself in need of footwear cleaning services, give Retail Reworks a call today and let us go to work for you!

Destruction Services

Sometimes a product line can’t be saved.  Retail Reworks provides fully documented destruction services.  We will find the most cost-effective solution to make your footwear unwearable and unrepairable before disposing of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Inspections & Corrections

Bring your product back to salable condition with our on-demand, full-circular services, all under one roof. From garment manufacturing to QC
inspections, and laundering to alterations, you can outsource to scale your business while extending your product lifecycle, reducing waste, and maintaining your brand reputation.

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